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A Community of Media Persons, Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Poblysh is a community, where media brands partner with entrepreneurs and marketers to grow the businesses of each other.

Media brands love to create content and engage audiences.

Marketers and entrepreneurs want to reach the right audiences to promote their ideas and products.

When marketers and entrepreneurs pay and partner with media brands, they help each other to sustainably reach and surpass their goals.

A Marketplace for Buying and Selling of Media Inventory

Poblysh is built by persons who have experienced

  • the pain of growing revenue as a small media brand,
  • the difficulty of interacting with media brands as a young public relations agent, and
  • the difficulty of finding the great affordable channels to promote products as an entrepreneur and a marketer.

We believe that the dynamics of a marketplace will solve these problems.

We are building Poblysh as marketplace where media brands can easily find buyers for their ad inventory with little or no corporate hassles, while marketers, entrepreneurs and public relations agents can easily find and purchase the right media channels for their marketing and promotion campaigns.

How it Works
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What Can I Sell on Poblysh?
You can sell any kind of ad inventory on Poblysh. Be creative. As long as you have an audience that a business owner can legally reach, you can sell it. From conventional ad spaces like billboard and radio spaces to unconventional ones like logo space on a PowerPoint slide to a brand mention on a TikTok post.
How much money can my company make with Poblysh?
I’ll say “A Lot” because you can make as much as you want. Be creative in finding new ways to create ad inventory; grow your audience and engage them. Advertisers will get in touch with you if you position your offerings effectively.
Why should I sell on Poblysh?
If you need to sell more of your ad inventory, you should sell on Poblysh. You can list unlimited number of ad inventory for free
How do I get paid?
Communicate with your leads and choose any payment options that work well for you. Different options include Bank transfers, Paystack, Mobile Money, and Cash payments.